How to Join

How to Join Colony Farm Community Gardens

Are you thinking of becoming a member of the community gardens?  CFCG offers the opportunity of growing your own organic fruits and veggies in a wonderful setting with people of many different backgrounds and from all walks of life.

We welcome between 30 and 45 new members into the gardens each spring, depending on the number of plots available.

We encourage you to get to know the gardens by visiting, by reading the our constitution and bylaws and our community garden guidelines.

Questions to Think About

Please take a few minutes consider what it would be like to have a garden plot at Colony Farm. Firstly, you will have the opportunity to garden on some of the best agricultural soils in the Lower Mainland.

On the other hand, belonging to the community gardens involves commitment; you will be taking on additional responsibility. Many of the plots available will be weedy and overgrown. Please consider….

1. Do you have time to look after a 10 x 25 foot plot?
Gardeners need to visit their garden plot(s) at least once a week throughout the growing season, and much more time is required during spring planting.  2 – 4 hours/week at the minimum not including travel time.

2. Do you have the physical strength and energy required to dig, trim and weed a garden plot at Colony Farm?
Plots are 250 square feet. Weeds grow quickly and our clay soils can be hard to dig. No pesticides are permitted unless they are approved for organic gardening. Gardeners are responsible for trimming the grass bordering their plot, keeping weeds under control, removing diseased plants, and preventing plants from growing into pathways and neighbouring plots. If you have physical limitations, you might consider applying for space in our raised bed gardens, or requesting to take a half-plot, at least for the first season.

3. Do you have a high level of tolerance for gardening in a group setting in West Coast conditions?
Frustrations include sharing the hoses and wheel barrows, getting along with garden neighbours, dealing with weather that is too wet, too dry, too cold, too hot all in the same growing season.

4. Are you willing and able to contribute a minimum of 10 hours of work to the gardens each year, to help maintain the seven acre site or to assist the organization to run smoothly?
Our membership fee at Colony Farm combines a cash payment and a 10-hour work requirement. We have no staff. The gardens are maintained, organized and run entirely by members. Every member is expected to attend 4 hours of work party (which may be divided among several dates) and contribute an additional approximately 6 hours of time on an assigned “task” or small job.

5. Are you planning to be away this spring/summer/fall for longer than 1 week?
Gardens are living systems and need care. Have back-up (family members, friends who will help) for when you are away. Notify your Neighbourhood Rep if you will be away longer than 2 weeks.

Decided to join?  Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Apply to our wait list.
  2. Wait for your name to reach the top section of the wait list to be eligible for a plot.
  3. You will be then be invited to a New Member’s Orientation, held each year in spring.
  4. If you like what you hear at the Orientation you can join the Society and choose a plot from those available.

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