Demo Plots

As you enter the Colony Farm Community Gardens from the main parking lot, there are eleven small plots near the Gazebo that are set aside for ‘demo plots’.  These are tended each year by gardeners who plant a variety of demonstration plants, or employ various gardening techniques, different seed and varietal options, and just plain interesting gardening ideas.

Over the years, we’ve had demonstrations of perennial plants that attract beneficial insects, Korean herbs, a salad garden, a butterfly garden, growing without soil, Peruvian wild tomatillos, Chilean peppers, a medicinal garden, cucamelons, and a lot more.  In 2017 we celebrated Canada’s 150th Anniversary by featuring gardens from around the world.

Once the growing season gets going this year, we’ll be updating this page to include links to our 11 plots and more details about what’s ‘growing on’ in each plot.

If you’re down at the garden, we’ll have some signs on each plot with a QR code to link up to more information about that particular planting on-line.

We hope you enjoy our Demo garden and we’re happy to demonstrate new ideas for gardeners everywhere.

Watch for links to the various plots coming here later this year.

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