Why I grow beans

1. Beans are an excellent food with high nutrient value. They are rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A & B .Dried beans are a good ource of protein.
Dried soya beans provide a complete protein.

2. Bean Flowers attract bees and humming birds (especially red runner beans)

3. Beans fix nitrogen in the soil. Leave the roots to decompose, and plant ahigh-feeding plant in this area next season.

4. Bean plants have a good yield: .4 pounds for bush beans. .7 pounds for polebeans. Vertical growing of pole beans saves garden space.

5. Beans are Long-season crops. Plant in late May (warm soil is required for most beans) up to early August. Harvest in 65 (bush beans) to 78 days (pole beans).

6. Beans have good storage capabilities. They can be frozen, dried, and pickled with delicious results.

7. Runner beans Phaseolus coccineus) are special. Not only are they delicious eaten as snap beans, shelling beans and dried beans, they can be planted 2
weeks earlier than most beans in cooler soils. Runner beans are a tender perennial. Their roots can be dug up, stored over winter, and replanted in
spring. A favorite of humming birds, they bloom until frost. They are decorative, beneficial and delicious!