How to Join Colony Farm Community Gardens

NOTE:  Due to overwhelming requests and a limited supply of garden plots, we have temporarily closed our wait list.  Please check back for updates.  Thank you.


CFCG Wait list FAQ


Q: How long is the CFCG waitlist?
A: As of November 30th , there are still several hundred names on the waitlist.


Q: How long have people been waiting for a plot?
A: We will be contacting people who came onto the list in 2019 starting in March, 2024. 4 – 5 years.


Q. How long will people at the bottom of the list have to wait?
A: At present, those people will wait an estimated 7 years for a plot?


Q. Why is the wait for a garden plot so long?
A. Every year we have more people joining the wait list than we have garden plots available. The demand for garden space has been increasing, but the space available for community gardens in municipalities has not. Amenities such as green space have not kept up with population growth in the TriCities where a great many of our members live.


Q. When will the waitlist be reopened?
A: Once the wait for a garden plot is no longer than 2-3 years, we will reopen the list. Please check back for an update on the CFCG Wait list and projected reopening date in early 2024.